CJ DUNN Commercial

"Real estate strategies tailored to your individual business needs"

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The focus of CJ Dunn Commercial is very straight forward: To provide retail site selection, landlord representation along with facilitating the purchase and or sales of income producing properties. CJ Dunn Commercial and Cindy Dunn do not own, develop, or manage properties. In other words; there is no conflict of interest with our clients, and the client goals are the highest priority. CJ Dunn Commercial has the track record showing outstanding results from intense marketing of their listed projects and by not waiting or relying on sign calls.

With over 20 years of experience, the firm's strategic planning and site selection services for tenant representation is proven with many satisfied clients. Their approach is hands on backed by a thorough completion of homework. This includes the study of traffic patterns, trade areas, competition, future and existing housing, future retail anchor placement and demographics to provide a successful site with superior results.